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Announcing TechWeek We at are proud to be among the websites that has proved to have many benefits for many people across the world. From our remarkable services, we have attracted many followers across the world who need the news we offer especially in the world of technology. What news do we offer? The […]

Microsoft Says It’s Pursuing Legal Action Against Halo Online Mod–But The Mod Still Survives – GameSpot

GameSpotOf all the Halo titles that have come out over the years, Halo Online is definitely the weirdest. Announced and released in early access in 2015, Halo Online was a Russia-only, PC-exclusive multiplayer game based on the Halo 3 engine. Back in 2016 …Halo community in turmoil as Microsoft DMCAs Halo Online Twitch streamers (Updated)PC […]

Halo community in turmoil as Microsoft DMCAs Halo Online Twitch streamers (Updated) – PC Gamer

PC GamerRight now, you can still download and play Halo Online mod ElDewrito. The updater is still available on the mod website and player-hosted servers are still online. But you wouldn’t know it from the mood among the Halo community, where confusion and …A fan-made Halo PC patch meets Microsoft’s legal muscle—and apparently survivesArs TechnicaHalo […]

Security Researchers Created a ‘Skill’ that Allows Alexa to Spy on You – Gizmodo

GizmodoIn news that will confirm your worst fears about a device with an always-on microphone in your home, security researchers have created a “skill” for Amazon’s popular voice assistant Alexa that allows the device to indefinitely eavesdrop on your …Amazon teases mystery Fire TV Cube, announces Echo Dot for kidsZDNetAmazon Aims To Convince Parents Alexa […]

​How to make the most of the new Gmail – ZDNet

ZDNetThe rising tension between IoT and ERP systems. The Internet of Things is the new frontier. However, generations of ERP systems were not designed to handle global networks of sensors and devices. Read More. There’s a lot of good stuff in Google’s major …Gmail’s new ‘confidential mode’ offers more privacy controls — but don’t get […]

Apple iOS 11.3.1 Release: Should You Upgrade? – Forbes

ForbesiOS 11.3 was meant to be the big one. Unfortunately, its introduction of some genuinely important new features was overshadowed by a litany of bugs ranging from the lazy, serious and inconsiderate to the familiar, frivolous and user-hostile. As such, I …9 paid iPhone apps you can download for free todayBGRiOS 11 Now Installed on […]

Amazon Aims To Convince Parents Alexa Is Good For Kids – Forbes

ForbesAmazon has redesigned Alexa — its AI-powered voice assistant — to encourage parents to buy its Echo smart speaker for their children. The Seattle-headquartered company announced “Amazon FreeTime on Alexa” on Wednesday, saying it was “an Alexa …Amazon teases mystery Fire TV Cube, announces Echo Dot for kidsZDNetKids were being rude to Alexa, so Amazon […]

AMD combats upgrade woes with ‘crates’ featuring discounted hardware bundles – Digital Trends

Digital TrendsLooking to upgrade your desktop on the cheap? AMD just revealed its new Combat Crate hardware bundles starting at $263. For now, there are only three, focused on AMD’s first-generation Ryzen 5 1600 processor sporting an included Wraith Spire CPU cooler …AMD earnings confirm it’s biting into Intel’s market shareVentureBeatAMD Launches Combat Crate Bundles: […]

Pro gaming team signs 13-year-old ‘Fortnite’ player – Engadget

EngadgetAmong the four members making up pro gaming organization Team Secret’s new European Fortnite squad, one stood out: 13-year-old Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson. Almost immediately after the team was introduced today, news outlets jumped on Jackson’s youth. Even …Your child can get a $4000 college scholarship just for playing video gamesWDIV ClickOnDetroitPlay Fortnite? You can get […]

Facebook’s rise in profits, users shows resilience after scandals – Reuters

Reuters(Reuters) – Facebook Inc (FB.O) shares rose on Wednesday after the social network reported revenue that beat Wall Street estimates, showing no initial impact on its lucrative ad business from a scandal over the handling of personal data. FILE PHOTO …Facebook’s latest ad is heartwarming, but may confuse the difference between privacy and securityMicFacebook advertisers […]