Facebook’s next big platform: Your camera – TechCrunch

TechCrunchFacebook can’t build everything. For a decade, its strategy has been to provide the canvas, then let developers paint it however they want. That’s because there’ll always be another game. Another app. Another…selfie filter? The hot trend in consumer …Instagram’s version of Snapchat has finally turned it into a real video productRecodeInstagram Bug Proves That […]

No Man’s Sky Is Pretty Rough On PC – Kotaku

KotakuAll this week, PC gamers interested in No Man’s Sky have had to patiently watch PS4 players explore the universe without them. Today, they can finally play the game for themselves. Too bad it’s in such rough shape. I’ve played about an hour on PC …No Man’s Sky expects you to do the heavy lifting […]

Volkswagen keys are insecure, but so are everyone else’s – The Verge

The VergeEarlier this week, it was revealed that researchers at the University of Birmingham had cracked the (rather poor) encryption scheme used by millions of Volkswagens for their remote unlock key fobs. That’s not good. But what’s also not good is that it’s …Study: Key Fobs of 100 Million Cars Vulnerable to Easy HacksCar and […]

Does Trump Really Write All of His Tweets? – PC Magazine

PC MagazineA data scientist who analyzed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Twitter account appears to have confirmed this week that Trump only writes some of the tweets himself. Using Twitter’s API and a few lines of R code, David Robinson broke …Two people write Trump’s tweets. He writes the angrier ones.Washington PostTrump’s Angry Tweets are […]